Only choose three from the following theories:

1.       Authoritarianism and acquiescence (this is a concept, not a theory, but you can select it too)

2.        Theory of cognitive dissonance

3.       Theory of induced discrepant behavior

4.       Stimulus-response theory

5.       Inoculation theory

6.        Attribution theory

7.       The boomerang effect

8.       Social judgement theory

9.        Elaboration likelihood theory

10.   The motivated sequence theory

11.   Theory or motivated reasoning


Step 2: Briefly describe each theory.  In your description, name the theory, describe what it explains, mention the founder/propounded/researcher.  Remember the role of theory is to explain a phenomenon.  The theory does this after the researcher has conducted several experiments and have drawn specific conclusions.  Each theory helps us to understand everyday situations more fully.  Therefore, in your explanation for your theory, you need to explain the everyday situation that each specific theory will help us to understand.

Step 3: Explain why you are focusing on each of the three theories

Important details about writing papers for this course

This paper and all the other papers in this course should be written as college-level papers – meaning that citations, correct grammar, the APA writing format, correct punctuation, and spell checks should be included and accurately so.  All these will be graded, and you do not want to get a B on a good paper, just because you ignored these details.

A few handouts to help with preparing for and writing the paper:

1.     Please understand that your paper should be cited, and the assignment gives you the number of articles or books which you need to include in your citations. While I know that you are already citing in your other courses, the handout on in-text citations in the Week Four module should give you some quick reminders regarding this issue.

2.     As you know the process of writing is not done haphazardly, you need to develop a pattern for gathering your ideas and putting them down.  To help you with this process, you will also see a handout detailing the writing process, also found in the Week Four Module.  This handout will be particularly useful when you start on your major paper, but you can also use it for your assignment papers.

IMPORTANT: I chose topic #2, 6, and 9. It should be noted that this paper should be in APA format and minimum of 5-7 pages in length.

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