The Policy Process

To prepare for this assignment, review the key components of the health care policy process in Ch. 3 of Health policymaking in the United StatesAdditionally, Chapters 5-9 of the course text are also excellent resources for each stage of the policy process. Here is a breakdown of what you can find in each chapter of Longest (2016):

· Chapter 5: Formulation

· Chapter 6: Legislation

· Chapter 7: Implementation

· Chapter 8: Implementation/Analysis/Evaluation

· Chapter 9: Analysis/Evaluation and Revision


The policy cycle provides lawmakers with a pathway for developing a policy and guiding it through the institutions of our government. The cycle starts with identification of a targeted problem and ultimately ends up with providing a specific course of action. Along the way, the outcomes of a policy are subjected to various levels of review, evaluation, and revisions that result in a continual loop. As a health care administrator, it’s important to have a working knowledge of the process and how the process ultimately leads to implementation of health care laws that eventually will have an impact on what you do.


Write a 1,000- to 1,500-word paper that explains the policy process and explains how the Affordable Care Act advanced through the policy process stages. Your paper must include the following:


1.Discuss five stages of the policy process identified in Longest (2016)– at least 100-150 words to describe each stage:

· Formulation

· Legislation

· Implementation

· Evaluation/analysis,

· Revision

2.Explain how the Affordable Care Act advanced through each stage of the policy process

· How the law was formed/proposed and then passed by Congress

· How it has been implemented and what agencies primarily implement the law

· One or two ways the ACA can be evaluated

· List at least one revision to the law since it has been passed


Cite at least 3 reputable references. One of your sources must be the course textbook, Longest (2016). Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works a textbook, or other sources of similar quality.

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