Sociological Theories

write atleast a 75-word comment on my class mates discussion La-Tonia,Communication through email has been an essential source of communications in my workplace from day one. The example I will use for the message that created conflict is an email that was sent from the district manager (who was new on the job) that stated he wanted each store to report daily numbers at the end of the day. The factor that caused the conflict was he didn’t say how to report the numbers. Normally, we fax the numbers in when they are requested, so that is what our office did. I believe the tone of the email is what caused the conflict because at the end of the email it said anyone who failed to respond would receive a write up. The email had barriers to effective communication that included information overload and deceptive tactics (Pearson 2015a). The conflict could have been avoided if the district manager  would have specified what he wanted clearly, gathered the information, composed the email correctly, then proof read, the confusion would have happened (Boothby, 2012). He failed to communicate he wanted the numbers reported through a fax and an email at the end of the night. Needless to say, there were many write ups the next day due to ineffective communication by the district manager, even though it was his fault.

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