Social Work

To prepare for this Discussion, choose a period of history discussed in the assigned chapter.


Segal, E. A., Gerdes, K. E., & Steiner, S. (2019).  An introduction to the profession of social work: Becoming a change agent (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

· Chapter 2, “The History of the Social Welfare System and the Social Work Profession”


Post a response to the following:

· Identify the significant events that shaped the social welfare policies and programs of your chosen time period.

· Explain two to three values reflected during this time period as discussed in the assigned resources and compare how these values are expressed in current services. Examples include:

· Are recipients worthy or unworthy?

· Are religious values evident, or is there a clear separation between church and state?

· Is the focus on changing the person or changing the system?

· Are helpers impartial professionals or advocates?

· Are services for individuals within the local community or strangers?

· Is a crisis or an ongoing need addressed?

· Support your post with evidence from the reading using APA citations and a reference list.

· In this Discussion, you  begin using APA citation and referencing to  gain experience. The goal is for your instructor to  provide feedback that you and your colleagues can  apply in later assignments—the effect of APA requirements on your grade in this Discussion is minimal.

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