Imagine that a close friend or relative has come to you seeking advice. The person is trying to make a choice among the following careers: a cybersecurity analyst (i.e., information security analyst), a social worker, or a statistician. The person has an aptitude and interest in all three areas. They currently live in the rural Midwest, but they are open to living anywhere in the United States.

Note:  You may substitute a different career for one of those listed if there’s a different career that you would like to explore in this discussion.

There are three parts to this discussion:

Part 1. Based on your study of this week’s learning resources (UMGC, n.d.), briefly discuss one key factor in education, work, or the economy that is likely to have an impact (positive or negative) on the person’s choice.

Part 2. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website (Bureau of Labor Statistics, n.d.).  Search the website and discuss what you find that is relevant to your friend/relative’s possible career choices.

Part 3. Based on what you learned, which career would you suggest to your friend/relative, and why?

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