Social Justice

Ethical Challenges in the Criminal Justice System


You are criminal justice practitioner with 5 years of experience. You have been asked by your supervisor to prepare a PowerPoint presentation (with annotated slide notes) for recent academy graduates on ethical challenges in the criminal justice system.

Submission Length: 10-slide PowerPoint presentation




create a  10-slide PowerPoint presentation (including slide notes) that includes the following:

Title/name of presentation (1 slide)

Ethical challenges related to the following areas (1 slide each):

Use of authority

Relationships between personal and professional interests

Personal and professional commitments to clients

Criminal justice policy

Policing policy

Information sharing

Media reporting

Human rights

APA reference slide (1 slide)

In addition to the Learning Resources, use two additional scholarly resources to support your presentation.



Part 2 :Crisis Intervention Training


You are a police officers in a large metropolitan area. Your agency has handled some recent incidents involving individuals with mental illness that did not turn out so well. Your supervisor has asked you to research crisis intervention training (CIT) for possible use with your agency.

Submission Length: 4- to 5-page paper



Research the Internet and the Walden Library to find  four (4) peer-reviewed journals, published within the  last 5 years, that focus on the success and challenges of CIT used in law enforcement.

In a 4- to 5-page paper 

Introduce CIT, including a brief history (1 page).

Synthesize the research findings from the four (4) articles you found in your review, discussing the effectiveness of CIT (2–3 pages).

Make recommendation to your supervisor as to whether your agency should adopt CIT (1 page).

In addition to the four (4) peer-reviewed articles, use at least  two (2) additional scholarly resources to support your paper.


Part 3: Three Strikes Sentencing


You are a judge who has been asked to address the general public about the ethical and social justice issues related to “Three Strikes” sentencing laws.

Submission Length: 4- to 5-minute video




Create a 4- to 5-minute video that address the following points:

Discuss the pros and cons of “Three Strikes” sentencing.

Explain ethical and social justice issues related to the use of “Three Strikes” sentencing.

Explain whether you support the use of “Three Strikes” sentencing. Why, or why not? In your explanation, include how ethical and social justice issues informed your argument.

Your speech should be supported by research from at least five (5) scholarly sources. Submit your references separately as an APA reference list Word document, along with your script.


Part 4: Reentry Programs


You are a parole officer who has been reassigned to supervise drug offenders due to their high recidivism rate. Your supervisor would like you to conduct research on best practices and/or successful reentry programs.

Submission Length: 3- to 4-page paper



Use the Internet and the Walden Library to find information about successful reentry programs for drug offenders.

In a 3- to 4-page paper

Provide an overview of recidivism rates for drug offenders.

Describe three successful reentry programs for drug offenders.

Explain which of the three programs your agency should pursue, and why. Be specific.

Support your paper with  three to four (3–4) scholarly resources



Part 5 Research Report


You have been hired by the federal government as a consultant to construct a research report on the current status of race and the criminal justice system.

Submission Length: 10- to 11-page paper




In a 10- to 11-page paper Introduce the relationship between race and the criminal justice system. Be sure to include a brief history and examples of significant past and current events that have defined the relationship (2 pages).

Assess whether the criminal justice system needs to address racial disparities and explain why or why not. This section should be supported by at least five (5) peer-reviewed research articles and/or government publications (4 pages).

Analyze ethical and social justice issues associated with race in the criminal justice system (2 pages).

Explain whether the federal government should become more involved in racial issues within various criminal justice agencies (2 pages).

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