Read Richard Rice,  Reign of God  (Berrien Springs, MI: Andrews University Press, 1985)

I- Read chapter 2: Divine Revelation on pages 23-44 and write an in-depth  250-word reaction to the reading; this is a summary of what you read. It will need to be written in double space. At the end of your summary, you will need to include  3 provocative questions (i.e., provocative questions you come up with triggered by your reading, they will not be answered or need to be answered).


II-For this assignment make sure to answer each question thoroughly.  I am looking for well thought out answers so you can get full credit.   Please do not just copy and paste the answers from the book I want to see it in your own words. Answer these three questions in at least five sentences and give substantial answers

1. Why is revelation necessary for a knowledge of God?

2. In what ways has God revealed Himself to human beings?

3. What factors lead to the formation of the New Testament canon?


III- Read John 3-4 of The Holy Bible (NRSV-Study Bible) and answer the following questions:

1-What surprised you about these first two chapters?

2-Was there something new that you learned?

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