Purchasing a Computer

Purchasing a Computer

Format MLA

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Bachelor

Volume of 3 pages (825 words)

Assignment type : Essay

Purchasing a Computer

Using the criteria points below and resources such as the Tuesday New York Times, computer magazines, and Websites determine which computer will be most appropriate for your needs. You must compare a minimum of 3 computers in your report and then explain how you reached your final purchasing decision. Your budget is $800 for each computer. Your total purchase may exceed the budget if properly documented in your paper.

You will need at least three to four typed pages to answer the criteria questions. Follow the questions in preparing your paper (i.e., use three main sections; one to answer each question). Attach screen shots of articles/advertisements and active hyperlinks of the actual text for online sources for all purchases. You will also submit a detailed EXCEL spreadsheet that compares all 3 computers in terms of hardware, software, and prices. Make sure to list all of the hardware and software specifications of each computer in this final purchase worksheet.

No credit will be given for students with the exact same needs, configuration and sources. Each student must submit original work. Do not plagiarize.

1. Purpose

Think about what tasks you want to accomplish with your computer. (e.g., type term papers, do research online, desktop publishing, manage a small business, play games, keep personal financial records, etc.). Creativity is encouraged!

2. Software

What software do you need to accomplish the purposes you have outlined? Computer magazines review classes of software to help you decide. Other sources may be recommendations of colleagues, testing software at college or industry standards. Discuss whether it is important for you to have identical or compatible software for home and school/work.

3. Hardware

What hardware system and operating system will run the software you have identified in the previous section? Most general-purpose software today comes in MAC and Windows versions, but this may not be true of proprietary software designed for a specific industry. What do various magazines and reviews say about your selection?

How much RAM do you need to run the software selected in the above section? What size hard disk will you need? Will you need any other peripheral hardware, such as a modem, printer, scanner or fax machine? Even if you cannot purchase a particular item under the current budget constraints, describe whatever additional upgrades you might want in the future (your wish list).

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