Psychology Case Study


Students will conduct a case study pertaining to a fictional or nonfictional character in a book or movie. Please note that all characters and topics must receive prior approval from the instructor The following information should be provided within the case study: demographic information, presenting issue, assessment methods utilized, diagnosis (or possible diagnosis), family history, social history, educational history, intellectual functioning, mental health history including treatment history, developmental history, medical history, and substance abuse history. Within the paper, students will conduct a two to three-page literature review of the presenting issue/disability related to the character utilizing a minimum of five (5) research-based references (only one reference may be from Google Scholar). The paper should also include multicultural considerations, treatment/rehabilitation recommendations, and/or academic and school recommendations depending on the nature of the issue. All citations should be in APA format. Students should download this page and attach it as the cover page to their paper.



Assignment Checklist

Was your character approved by the instructor?

Did you use the Case Study Template located on CANVAS?

Does your case study contain a two-page literature review with at least five (5) research-based

Is your paper in APA format?

Does your literature review contain a Works Cited page?

Did you download this page, write your name, and attach it to your paper?

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