SCENARIO: Mark works with Monica and Jennifer. He likes to make people laugh but often jokes about his struggles to learn new programs and technology. The company recently informed the team that there will be a compliance test on new safety policies, which employees will need to pass in order to keep their jobs. The company has provided materials to study, as well as optional practice exams. Monica, Jennifer and Mark are having lunch in the break room, and Monica and Jennifer mention that they have already signed up to take the first practice test. Mark comments about how hard it is for him to learn a different way of doing the jobs that he has been doing for years. However, later in the day, he stops by Monica’s desk to find out how she is preparing for the test and asks for advice. Given that they have a month until the compliance test, Monica is confident that she can help Mark prepare. ASSIGNMENT: Using your problem solving and self and social awareness skill and the information that you have learned about the plasticity of the nervous system and motivation and mindset, answer the questions in this case study assignment to help Monica offer strategies to improve Mark’s chances for doing well on the compliance test.

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