Practice strategies to motivate vocal students

Practice strategies to motivate vocal students

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Discipline Music

Assignment type : Essay


This is a pedagogical personal project to draft strategies on motivating vocal students. An alternative project to this could be written on “Developing a vocal student curriculum”, but please let me know if you prefer this subject.

This project should include a rationale and be based, if possible, on some practical teaching experience. It is important that this includes a a bibliography included with at least a few references detailing relevant published literature in the correct house style.

The criteria for the completed essay should show:

1) Detailed knowledge and understanding of the area of expertise

2) The ability to link educational theory and practice

3) Understanding of teaching and and learning styles

4) Use of correct teaching strategies and assesment

5) Use of a reflective approach to the teaching process

6) Show good presentation, organisation and communication skills.

Format MLA

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Bachelor

Volume of 1900 – 2100 pages (8 pages)

Type of service: Custom writing

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