Pacing Guide: C159

Pacing Guide: C159
Summary of Resources and Activities
2. Read the Introduction Unit in the Course of Study
4. Explore the Community –
Introduce yourself to classmates in Chatter
“Meet” your course mentors by reviewing Mentor
Introduction page in Group Files
5. Be sure you have access to the E-Texts
 Nickitas, D. M., Middaugh, D. J., & Aries, N.
(Eds.). (2011). Policy and politics for nurses
and other health professionals: Advocacy and
action. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. ISBN-
13: 978-0-7637-5659-8 (pbk.)

Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson
Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing.
(2011). Future of nursing: Leading change,
advancing health. Washington DC: National
Academies Press.
ISBN-10: 0-309-15823-0
6. Locate resources to help focus your study
 Briefly review the Task Instructions
and Rubric (in the Assessment tab)
 Begin to think about a topic for your Policy
Paper (task)
 Review the Task Tips powerpoint posted in
Group Files to help you plan your paper
 Consider registering for a C159 Cohort to
explore topic selection and development
 Contact Course Mentors with any questions
about selecting an appropriate topic for your
Organization and 1. Read through the course materials and articles in this
Financing of
Health Care
1. Strive to develop a working knowledge of what health
services are regulated and financed at the federal level,
which services and funded and regulated at the state
level.1. Understand the structure of different types of private
(non-governmental) health insurance plans.
1. Understand the purpose and goals of the Affordable Care
Act. How do government and private health insurance
plans contribute to meet the ACA goals?
2. Webinar: Affordable Care Act
1. Compare and contrast Medicaid and Medicare. Consider
eligibility, benefits, and who pays
1. Compare and contrast HMOs, PPOs, and ACOs as related
to the goals of ACA (improve quality, increase access to
care, decrease healthcare costs, and better health
1. Webinar: Understanding Health Insurance
Global Health
1. What are primary differences between the US Healthcare
system and that of other developed nations? What are
two strengths of the US Health system? What are 2 – 3
weaknesses of the US Health system as compared to
other developed nations?

Webinar: Global Health

Policy Process
Begin to draft the Issue Selection and Issue
Relevance sections of your task (Part A)
1. Formal policy process (Top-down approach)
Be able to describe how a bill becomes a law at both the
state and federal level
Be able to distinguish which health issues are regulated at
the federal level and which are regulated at the state

Consider: What is the most appropriate level
for proposing a formal policy to impact your
selected health problem or nursing
professional issue? (Community level?
State? Federal level?)
1. Understand why a Community-Based Participatory
Approach (CBPR) is considered a Bottom-up approach
3. Describe how policy change is influenced through a
bottom-up approach
1. Describe how nurses’ can influence policy change using
both a top-down and a bottom-up approachEffects of Legal
and Regulatory
Understand how federal and state legislation impacts
nursing practice.
Understand the role of voluntary organizations/programs
in influencing nursing practice.
Ethical Theories
Applied to Nurses’
Policy Positions
 Identify the decision maker for your top-
down (formal policy) approach to address
your selected topic
 Identify an appropriate community group to
collaborate with for a bottom-up
(community-based) approach to address
your selected topic
Review and understand the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses
with Interpretive Statements
Review and understand the Ethical Principles listed in this
section.Review the nursing ethical principles and
definitions as defined on the handout from the ANA.
 Be able to cite a practice example for each
 Select 1 or 2 ethical principles that apply to
your selected policy issue.
1. Understand how Social Justice influences policy
Advocating for
Patients in
2. Complete the readings and activities in this section of the
course of study
3. Complete the readings and activities in this section of the
Development and
course of study
 Review the task instructions and rubric on
the Assessment link.
 Review the Task Tips powerpoint posted in
the Group Files.
 Using the RUBRIC as a guide, complete the
remaining sections of your Policy task.
Submit your Policy paper to TaskStream
5 & 6

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