OHSA Evaluation

OHSA Evaluation

 You were recently hired as an Occupational Safety and Health  consultant for Gemstone Fabricators, which is a medium sized  manufacturing facility that makes stainless steel counters, containers,  and carts for the food prep and restaurant industries. Several years  ago, Gemstone decided it wanted to become an OSHA VPP site. It also  wants to send the application to OSHA in the upcoming year. Further,  there is a keen interest to align with the ANSI/AIHA Z10 standard.

In going through the application submission materials, you noticed  something that threw up a red flag, however. Although there was an  accountability requirement specified in front-line workers’ performance  evaluation documentation for safety performance, there was no such  requirement in the performance evaluation documentation for supervisors,  managers, or executives. Your discussions with employees also suggest  that, although the employer wants the front-line workers to be heavily  involved in the safety effort, they are not always sure exactly what  they are supposed to be doing to help move the company’s safety programs  forward.

Another issue that concerns you is that the effort to implement a  safety and health management systems approach appears to be somewhat  piecemeal. You are finding it difficult to identify a clear  Plan-Do-Check-Act approach to continuous improvement.

Please compose a two-page document for your client to include your  evaluation of these deficiencies along with an explanation of the  significance of these problems in relation to the safety and health  management systems approach. Your goal is to help the employer  understand why these issues need to be attended to prior to submitting  your application. In your

response, be sure to do the following things:

· Include an introduction that establishes the issues and provides necessary background information.

· Assess the importance of establishing safety accountability measures for managers, employees, and safety professionals.

· Appraise the assignment of safety-related job tasks.

· Apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act framework to resolve a safety deficiency.

Your paper must be a minimum of two pages, and it should be in APA  format. You must use a minimum of one scholarly resource. Any  information from this source should be cited and referenced in  accordance with APA guidelines.

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