HIST112 week 1 students

HIST112 week 1 students

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Respond to Sarah——————Hi everyone! Welcome to 2018!

My name is Sarah Prevette.  I am working toward my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I may switch that to a Bachelors soon.  I am the wife a former Staff Sergeant in the US Army.  After spending 15 years with the Army driving from post to post (literally back and forth across the country 5 times)  we have opted to live in an RV (as soon as our house sells) full time while I take my courses.  I waited to start back to school until after I had finished homeschooling my son. Who, by the way, will be celebrating is one year anniversary with the US Air Force tomorrow. (Sorry, proud Mama moment. Did I mention he was also an Eagle Scout?) 

I chose to take this course because I so thoroughly enjoyed World Civilizations before 1650.  I am not usually adept at history studies, so I hope this course is as enjoyable as it appears to be.

One of my favorite historical sites to visit is the Alamo in San Antonio, TX.  A site I would love to visit, but I do not think I will every get the opportunity to visit, is the Great Pyramid at Giza. 

I wish everyone the best in the new year.  May you always exceed your expectations (especially in your studies).————Respond to Ciara—————-My name is Ciara Schaffer. Yes i know my first name is spelled wrong on my profile that was a mistake. I had held the shift key down to long. I have tired to change it but AMU makes it very difficult to fix one letter from caps to lower case. I’ve been in the navy for two and a half years. I was stationed in Bahrain as a MA Master-At-Arms. Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The weather is like any place its cold, dry, humid and extremely hot. Temperatures can reach 130 degrees with a real feel of 150 degrees. My next duty station is Poland. I chose Poland for its castles, crooked tree forests, and the beautiful green lands and cold weather. Most importantly I picked Poland because the runner up was Bahrain for 18 more months. I am currently transferring to Poland now, and should arrive January 10th. I joined the navy with hopes to complete school and travel the world. School is getting slowly accomplished, as of now I am 38 credits from an Associates in General Studies. While traveling the word is going very well. I took a two week vacation to Italy Rome. Movies and history books do not do Italy any justice.  The air is filled with music and aromas of spaghetti, gellato, and lasagna. I also visited Philip island, Australia to see the penguins and kangaroos. Now I am back on track determined to complete my schooling. My goal is to gain a Bachelors Degree in teaching. My dream is to be a Special Education teacher or an Art teacher. I worked with special needs children for two years as a teachers assistant in a high school program.  I hope to gain the ability to decide which career I will chose after completing this class. I have previously taken World History and civilizations before 1650’s, I had enjoyed learning about an era that was not talked about in my middle school or high school. I am looking forward to this class and to meet all the classmates that come with it.

-Ciara Schaffer————-Respond to Brent—————-Hello everyone,

My name is Brent Christensen I am married with one son and I have been living in China for four and a half years. Let me tell you a bit about myself. My father was in the army and so I moved around the USA and even lived in Germany when I was around four years old for a while, we ended up in Oregon finally. I went through middle school and high school, finally graduating in 2001. I worked for a few years, traveled for a few years and finally decided to Join the United States Navy in 2006 rather than attend college. I did a six years for the Navy as an engineer and finally got out in 2012.

                After the Navy I got a job as a technician working on interior of passenger aircrafts for a contract company working up on the Boeing plants around Seattle. Working for this company I traveled to Germany quite a bit for work and various places within the USA. Eventually the company asked me to take a management position in China starting in Nov. 2013. I accepted and moved to Tianjin, China, to continue my work. In February of 2014 I started to date my wife and nine months later we got married. I have since left my work as a technician and with some partners, started a private English school for kids age’s three to six. This is the reason for starting my degree in business with a focus on small business management and entrepreneurship. I have traveled all over China visiting many historical places, One of the most prominent being the Forbidden Palace in Beijing. However, my favor has to be the Great Wall of China. Just thinking of how much man power and resources they had to use to build over 3,000 KM of wall in ancient times is mind boggling. Hopefully this summer I and my wife and get down to southern China and visit some more land marks and old temples there. It is hard to put into words what its like walking into a building that is over 2000 years old.

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