Face-to-face versus telephone interviews

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Face-to-face versus telephone interviews

Discussion 1: Researcher Administered Surveys (1 page ) Think about your research topic. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of face-to-face versus telephone interviews to complete your survey. Using Touro’s library, find a peer-review article using one of these two administration methods. Are there similar issues found in the reading you found? What other opportunities or challenges can you think of with respect to your topic that the article did not address? Make sure you cite the sources from the module background readings. In addition to your original post, please respond to at least one other student’s post. Discussion 2: Self-Administered Surveys (1 page) Think about your research topic. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of self-administered questionnaires. Using Touro’s library, find a peer-review article using online survey or self-administered survey methods. Summarize their survey process and results. How would you conduct a survey of this type for your topic? Required Reading: for Discussion 1 and 2 Elon University Poll (2014). Methods of collecting survey data [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cuOyAR-Y9I (4:01) No Author (n.d.) Best Practices for Survey Research. American Association for Public Opinion Research. Retrieved from http://www.aapor.org/Standards-Ethics/Best-Practices.aspx Decision wise (2016). Employee Engagement Survey Best Practices [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRX9ZCSd6Ns (58:18)

Module 4 Case Assignment
Writing expectations include competency in the following:
Sentence Structure
Verb Tense and Agreement
Pronoun Use
Possessive Use
Focus and Organization
Thesis Statement & Conclusion
The Case Assignment for this course will be a 5-8 page essay
(excluding cover page and references) submitted using MS Word.
Write a well-organized description of your proposed strategies for
selecting a sample and ensuring high response rates for your
proposed survey. Here are suggested headings for your paper:
Survey Purpose: In this section you should articulate what the survey
topic is. Spend 2-3 paragraphs writing why this is important and draft
1 / 3
a research question related to the topic. That will require you to do a
brief literature search to determine what has been done and what has
yet to be studied with respect to your topic. This provides your
argument for the significance of the research.
Population: Describe the group to which you would like your findings
to be generalized. Are you considering telecommuters and their
attitudes toward work? Are you looking at preparedness of new
teachers in lower income school districts? Your literature review
should help you to clarify how to define this group.
Sampling Frame: The sampling frame is the subset of the population
you have identified. This is particularly important if you have chosen
to survey using open-ended questions with a more qualitative
Minimizing Error: What strategies will you take to minimize error in
responses? How will you reduce social desirability responses?
Survey Administration: Describe your plan for survey administration
(interviews or self-administered) and why that will work best for your
proposed survey.
2 / 3

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