Summary: Final Project Components


For your Final Project, prepare an Organizational/Strategic Ethics Plan that summarizes the ethical concepts you learned in this class, and that covers the following Ethics Plan :


● Cover Page


● Table of Contents for Project


● Mission Statement


● Section Headings and Individual Ethics Plan Policies


o Organizational Statements Establishing Strategic Ethical Practices


▪ What Values does the Organization Embrace?


▪ Why?


▪ What is relevant to employees?


▪ How will you ensure statements become actions?


o Eight Organizational Policies that are needed for the Organization to Operate Ethically


o Organizational Procedures that Drive Accountability for the Policies


o Organizational Ethical Decision-Making Framework


● References


Final Project Submission Requirements


Include references to the textbook and concepts that you learned in this course to support your




Include references to 7-10 sources

Specifications: Please complete your paper in a 5 page (excluding cover and reference page)

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