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Date of Submission:


1.      My husband is doing a M.Sc. in civil engineering
2.      Sometimes it is difficult to live a honest life



  1. Fill the sentences in the first column
  2. Write the mistakes in the second column and its kind (refer to the two articles we studied in class)
  3. Write the correction in the third column

NOTES: the assignment must be typed and handed to the lecturer. Assignments sent by e-mails will be ignored.

  1. My husband is doing a M.Sc. in civil engineering._____________________
  2. Sometimes it is difficult to live a honest life_________________________
  3. I was about leaving when the telephone rang. _______________________
  4. There were above a hundred people in the crowd. ____________________
  5. The sales manager was absent at the meeting. _______________________
  6. The company will not accept to buy new machines. ___________________
  7. According to me, we should spend more money on education. ___________
  8. Some unemployed men accuse women for taking their jobs. ______________
  9. We are not accustomed to see so many things in the shops. _______________
  10. She gave me a good advice. ________________________________________
  11. It is a magazine about computers and their affects on our lives. ____________
  12. My father couldn’t afford paying for my education. _____________________
  13. A man sitting after me started to shout. ______________________________
  14. Most of the people on the bus were above sixty. _______________________
  15. The glasses haven’t been cleaned since ages. __________________________
  16. I’m writing in reply to your letter that I’ve received a month ago.___________
  17. The accident happened at ten years ago. ______________________________
  18. Unfortunately not many people agreed helping us. _____________________
  19. Many people will die unless there is an increase in foreign aids. ___________.
  20. I like all the kinds of music. ________________________________________
  21. We all were delighted when we heard the news. ________________________
  22. All of us didn’t want to go to bed. ___________________________________
  23. If you sit down, I will explain all the situation. _________________________
  24. The man was covered with blood. ___________________________________
  25. The suitcase almost was too heavy to lift. _____________________________
  26. I will buy a dog because I feel alone. _________________________________
  27. We also would like to be given more fresh food. ________________________
  28. I don’t like your climate and I don’t like English food also. _______________
  29. I have always the feeling that she enjoys teaching. ______________________
  30. On almost every page there were announcements for cigarettes. ___________
  31. Milan has another sights such as the famous stadium. ___________________
  32. They still can’t find the answer for this problem. _______________________
  33. I’m sorry I didn’t answer to your letter. _______________________________
  34. We were anxious for knowing whether he had arrived safely. _____________
  35. Apart of a few minor problems, the trip was a great success. ______________
  36. He approached from my table and took a seat opposite me. _______________
  37. By the next afternoon they had completely forgotten the arguement. ________
  38. She was sitting on a big armchair. ___________________________________
  39. At his arrival in Vienna, he was surprised not to find his friend. ____________
  40. She arrived to the station just in time to catch the train. __________________
  41. We arrived at London on 21st __________________________________
  42. I like to eat fresh things as tomato and lettuce. _________________________
  43. As I can remember, I left the coat in the cupboard in my room. ____________
  44. He asked her a glass of water. ______________________________________
  45. She asked me what was the time. ___________________________________
  46. I will go with you as long as you will go with me. ______________________
  47. The driver was young and I paid attention that he was drunk.______________
  48. In average, about ten people die every day. ____________________________
  49. Despite the medicine, I started to feel more bad. _______________________
  50. I’m afraid I speak English very bad. _________________________________
  51. All the passengers carried their own baggages. ________________________
  52. Because her terrible behaviour, the flight became a nightmare. ____________
  53. His mother gave him dinner and put him in bed. ________________________
  54. Every morning I have to get up from my bed very early. _________________
  55. On the bus, he was sitting right before me. ____________________________
  56. At the beginning, I thought the switch was broken. _____________________
  57. We were surprised by their strange behaviours. ________________________
  58. Some people are believing that the increase in crime is because of unemployment. _________________________________________________
  59. My boyfriend was sitting besides me. ________________________________
  60. We all made our best to see that they enjoyed themselves. ________________
  61. German cars are more expensive, but they are more good. ________________
  62. You better stop smoking before it’s too late. ___________________________
  63. I paid a big amount for this radio. ___________________________________
  64. Quite a big number of people believe in ghosts. ________________________
  65. While on holiday she caught a big disease. ____________________________
  66. It is a big pleasure to have you all here. _______________________________
  67. My husband gave me this coat as a present on our last wedding birthday. ____
  68. I really don’t think it was the driver’s blame. __________________________
  69. She soon got bored of talking to him. ________________________________
  70. I have been born in a town just near Paris. ___________________________



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