Eating Disorders and Abuse

Eating Disorders and Abuse

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Discipline Psychology

Assignment type : Research Paper


The paper for PSY 201 involves reading a journal article that is provided and writing a 3 page double spaced review/reaction paper about the attached article.

This means that you will write half the paper about what is in the article (in your own words) and then you will discuss what your thoughts are about the article. If you disagree with the article you are required to provide peer reviewed research (not personal experience) to support your assertions.

The paper is required to be a FULL 3 pages in length (not 2 ½ or 2 ¾ ) and in 12 point New Time Roman font. It is required to be in a Word document. If it is not in a Word document it will not be graded.

Break down of grading

Review of article – 200 points

Reaction to article – 100 points

Length of article – 100 points

Spelling Grammar – 100 points (indenting paragraphs, proper use of nouns/verbs, etc.)

Format MLA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 1 page (275 words)

Type of service: Custom writing

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