Business Management

This week you will submit the assignment on human resource policy.  You will select a topic from the provided policy list in week seven as well as determine which format you prefer, an academic paper or a speech.  You will be creating a policy that would be appropriate to share for an organization to include in their policy and procedure handbook.  Be sure to discuss why the policy is needed, how it is beneficial to the organization, as well as legal implications.  A minimum of three resources are required to support your work. The Capella library is a great place to start!

Choose a topic related to a human resource policy from the list below provided by the instructor:

·  Leave policy (Examples could include childbirth, caring for a family member, extended leave without pay, etc.)

· Remote/telework work policy

· Dress code policy

· Social media policy

· Workplace romance policy

· Attendance policy

· Nepotism policy

· Anti-harassment policy

When creating your policy, please be sure to discuss the benefits to the organization as well as how company could be at risk if the policy is not followed.

Academic Paper:

· Length: 2–4 pages double-spaced page, excluding your title page and reference page.

· Resource: Capella

· Template:

· Tips: Be sure to provide citations for resources within your assignment.

Resource requirements:

Total Needed: 3.

Types of Resources: You are expected to use at least one of the course resources, and at least two other professional or academic resources

From the Capella library: Find one scholarly source in the Capella library. If you need help searching the Capella Library, review the  Business Research Library GuideLinks to an external site..


Review the assignment instructions and rubric in Week 8.

Identify the information you will need.

Review the resources provided in Weeks 1–8 for information needed in this assignment.


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