Article Analysis

Article Analysis

Chronicity II

The purpose of the article analysis is to hone skills in reflection and evaluation, apply supporting literature, and synthesize and summarize readings in a clear concise manner. The article analysis is a reflection of what the writer finds pertinent in academic literature to themselves and the nursing population at large. This assignment requires a minimum of one academic article. Please do not use websites or consumer focused material.

The article analysis should be no longer than the equivalent of two pages double-spaced. In addition, references should be listed. An example of an article analysis is posted in Blackboard for your reference. This assignment does not need to be formatted in APA with the exception of citations and the reference list. Please refer to the grading rubric for this assignment to ensure that you have addressed all pertinent points.

The format for the article analysis is:

Criteria Related Questions
What? What did I learn/what was the article about/what is important? Include ideas (not quotes) from the article.
So What? Why is this information important to a nurse?
What Else? What else is important related to this information? Use another reference to give an additional perspective.
Now What? What implications does this information have self and others?

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