American Family

Over the course of the past 8 weeks, we have examined a number of issues that are facing families today. For this assignment you are going to

select an issue facing families today and address the following:

1. Identify the issue that you have selected 2. Discuss the impact of the issue selected on the family 3. Provide some history on how the selected issue has evolved 4. Identify 3 resources that are available to assist families experiencing

the selected issue. Provide a summary of what each resource has to offer and how it can be helpful.

5. Provide a closing discussion on what is needed to resolve your

selected issue. Be sure to include policy changes as well as societal

changes in your discussion.

Assignment Requirements: Create your assignment in a word document, length 4 content pages, APA formatted, (In addition to 4 content pages

you must include cover page and reference page) use minimum of 3 references to support your writing. You must show how and where the

references used at the end of your paper are used to support the body of

your paper through the use of in text citations. Please avoid using direct quotes so that your

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